Pimelea physodes ‘Qualup Bell’ GRAFTED

Our plant in focus is Pimelea physodes ‘Qualup Bell’. This stunning small growing shrub is ideal for use as a unique feature plant in commercial and private landscaping projects. It’s spectacular show of large pendant flowers that occur from winter to late spring make it ideal point of interest to winter designs.

Plant Profile

COMMON NAME: Qualup Bell

BOTANICAL NAME: Pimelea physodes ‘Qualup Bell’ GRAFTED

ORIGIN: A grafted species of the naturally occurring Pimelea physodes from the South West of Western Australia, grafted for its performance and vigour.

HABIT: A small shrub with a compact growing habit. Grows to 1m high and 1m wide.

FEATURES: Pimelea physodes ‘Qualup Bell’ produces large, pendant flowers in the shades of yellow, green, red and purple during winter to late spring.

USES: The ornamental nature of this species makes it a brilliant central focus point in formal gardens, particularly when used in group plantings. It is great at attracting pollinators, butterflies and nectar eating birds and is perfect as a potted feature plant in large, decorative pots.

POSITION/SOIL: Pimelea physodes ‘Qualup Bell’ is suited to a wide range of soil
conditions provided good drainage. Thrives in a full sun to part shade position with
shelter from strong winds.

CULTIVATION: These plants are grown via cutting propagation from select parent
stock and are grafted onto strong root stock to ensure plant health and vigour.

MANAGEMENT: Pimelea physodes ‘Qualup Bell’ requires little maintenance and is drought tolerant once established. Pruning is suggested after flowering to encourage a denser habit and new growth and will benefit from fertilising once a year in spring.


Use unique W.A. flora on your next project to help diversify and showcase our native species.

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