Agonis flexuosa ‘Lemon & Lime’

Our plant in focus is Agonis flexuosa ‘Lemon & Lime’ PBR. This small size tree is ideal for use in commercial projects including coastal situations. Its contrasting, weeping habit and relatively small size makes it perfect for use in parks, street tree plantings or in commercial landscapes as a specimen tree.

Plant Profile

COMMON NAME: Lemon & Lime

BOTANICAL NAME: Agonis flexuosa ‘Lemon & Lime’ PBR

ORIGIN: A select form of Agonis flexuosa, ‘Lemon & Lime’ PBR has been chosen for its weeping growing habit and contrasting new foliage.

HABIT: A small, elegant tree with a weeping growing habit. Grows to 5m high and 4m wide.

FEATURES: Agonis flexuosa ‘Lemon & Lime’ PBR produces trailing clusters of small white flowers during spring and summer, making it a stunning feature plant for any commercial project.

USES: This plant is ideal for street trees, parks and reserves due to its decorative nature. It is great at attracting pollinators and is very tolerant of high pH soils making it ideal for coastal plantings.

POSITION/SOIL: Agonis flexuosa ‘Lemon & Lime’ PBR is suited to a wide range of soil conditions including coastal and limestone soils. It thrives in either full sun or light shade and will perform reliably with minimal water after establishment.

CULTIVATION: These plants are grown via cutting propagation from select parent stock to ensure plant health and uniformity.

MANAGEMENT: Agonis flexuosa ‘Lemon & Lime’ PBR is a small tree that requires little maintenance and is drought tolerant once established. It can be pruned to shape as required and will benefit from fertilising once a year in spring if planted in poor soils.



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