Native Urban Greening Series – Episode 6: Recycling and Sustainability

Plantrite continuously works to improve and demonstrate sound environmental stewardship and natural resource management. The final episode of our Native Urban Greening series explores the practices we have put into place to support our environment.

Video Transcript –

Recycling and Sustainability

Being a leader in the greenest of industries carries responsibilities, and Plantrite believes in leading by example. The nursery’s deep commitment to sustainability and the care of our environment and planet is a vitally important part of their purpose of greening Australia with native plants.


Plantrite has been recognised for it and is accredited under the nursery industry accreditation scheme – NIASA. It’s a best management practice program operating under the national industry BPM Guidelines. This defines the nurseries production technology as it utilises strategies that support system design, plant health and enhances cropping efficiencies.

In a practical sense, Plantrite leads the industry with its container reuse and recycling strategies. The nursery offers a special service to all clients where they collect trays and tubes after use by the client, returning them to the nursery to undergo a proprietary hygiene process that sterilises the containers before reuse. The impact is enormous and last year Plantrite redirected over 1 million plastic containers away from landfill and back into reuse.

The nursery is constantly reviewing its practices with view to improving the environmental credentials. As such it subscribes to and supports the nursery industry management system – or EMS – this is designed for wholesale nurseries, and growing media manufacturers. 


This EcoHort is the pathway industry leaders use to continually improve environmental stewardship and natural resource management, and demonstrate this to government, other industry partners and the general community.


It’s important we protect the environment around us, Plantrite are doing this not only for our own local environment but more importantly for the broader ecosystem, and this mindfulness in reducing waste in the production chain means that not only do we get better quality plants produced in a more sustainable way but, most importantly, they set a standard for all nurseries. 


Narration by Trevor Cochrane for Plantrite Wholesale Native Nursery.

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