Native Urban Greening Series – Episode 3: Perth’s Only Dedicated Wholesale Native Nursery

Plantrite grows plants from WA for WA, with an abundance of species that support the restoration of biodiversity to the region. We reinvest in nursery processes and our growth has made us a provider partner of choice for many of the states largest councils, revegetation, contractors, landscaping firms and developers.

Video Transcript – Plantrite Nursery Profile

If there’s been a single most influential trend in gardening and environmental restitution in WA in the past decade its been the recognition of the beauty and importance of our unique West Australian flora.

Nowhere is the appreciation of our unique natural beauty more apparent than Kings Park and Botanical Garden with more than six-million visitations every year.

Now, more than ever, people want to see landscaping with endemic species that support our wildlife and restore the balance in a rapidly changing environment.

To meet that demand and drive even greater interest is Plantrite Nursery, a local, family-owned business, specialising in growing and propagating Western Australian native plant species.

The nursery was founded back in 2007 and since then it’s grown to become the biggest supplier of West Aussie plants for revegetation and landscape projects across WA. With over 40 highly-skilled professionals working in the team– this 20-acre nursery produces over 3 million plants.

This scale allows them to spread the appreciation of native plants far beyond the world’s most beautiful botanical gardens.

Plantrite is the only dedicated native wholesale nursery in WA producing forestry tubes: 63-cell trays and advanced plants in huge volumes.

Their large-scale operations can be tailored to suit a client’s specific needs. Working with everyone from landcare groups, councils through, land developers, to major infrastructure projects such as freeway extensions and even the Perth Stadium. Plantrite’s ability to deliver is on record for all to see.

The company’s ability to deliver is driven by proprietary growing knowledge gained through generations of dedicated horticulturists in the Lullfitz family. Add to that their innovations in growing technology and equipment and you get consistent quality with significant growing capacity.

The Plantrite team is known for their attention to detail and a level of service unseen in the wholesale nursery industry. It stems from culture of professionalism that has seen the company grow and evolve into one of the finest operations in Australia – and the only one dedicated to Western Australian indigenous flora.

They’ve been recognized for it: Plantrite has been accredited under the Nursery Industry Accreditation Scheme (NIASA), it’s a best management practice program operating under national industry BMP Guidelines.

This defines their nursery production technology and strategies that support plant health, system design and cropping efficiencies.

It’s Plantrite’s mission to positively impact the natural environment and empower people to create a healthier, happier, more sustainable future. Working together with the state’s leading developers and landscapers this mission is becoming reality for so many West Australians.

Narration by Trevor Cochrane for Plantrite Wholesale Native Nursery.

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