What are the best plants for roadside landscaping in Perth?

Choosing and maintaining a reliable mix of plants on median strips and verges can be a challenge. More than ever, councils and landscapers are turning to native plants due to their suitability for roadside areas, which are often subjected to foot traffic, road debris and exposure to the elements. Having evolved with the climate and harsh landscape, the options for robust and hardy varieties in our native plant nursery is now larger than ever.

Before you plant, what lies beneath?

Plants in median strips often have to contend with excess compaction, as well as leftover limestone and road base from the road construction process. It can be a rough environment to try and establish any plant. Failing to take these factors into account when selecting plants for verges or median strips usually results in sub-optimal growth at best, and dead plants at worst. Many of our commercial landscaping clients have found greater success with native plant varieties that originate from the windswept coast of WA.

Can I use native plants in roadside areas?

Yes. In fact, they’re ideal. Coastal Australian native plants evolved to thrive in the dry, sandy and often nutrient-depleted coastal plains. WA native coastal flora can tolerate the high pH in limestone-rich soils and residual limestone from road construction. This included the tough conditions further inland, coastal succulents and other species prove to be incredibly hardy.

The Plantrite native nursery utilises new & improved selections and compact forms of native plants specifically to suit commercial landscaping projects. These improved native plants have proven time and again to be site-line friendly (minimising maintenance) and ideal for medians and verge plantings.

Which Australian native plant species are best for medians and verges?

Olearia axillaris ‘Mini’ PBR
The most compact growing Olearia on the market, this variety produces incredibly dense foliage without pruning. Olearia axillaris ‘Mini’ PBR also provides a stunning visual contrast with its striking silver foliage.

Myoporum insulare prostrate ‘Coastal Carpet’ PBR
A completely flat form of the local Myoporum insulare. Growing large fleshy green leaves and white flowers during the summer months.

Acacia saligna prostrate ‘Green Mulch’
The best commercial ground cover on the market. Quick growing, dense and tough.

Scaevola crassifolia prostrate ‘Flat Fred’ PBR
A proven performer in the landscape market. A low growing form of Scaevola crassifolia, ‘Flat Fred’ provides dense ground cover with blue flowers in the summer months.

Acacia lasiocarpa prostrate
A select form of Acacia lasiocarpa, 30cm high x 1m across. Masses of golden flowers in winter & spring. Lime-green foliage.

Thryptomene baeckeacea prostrate
Probably one of the most under-utilised plants in the market. Inundated with pink flowers during autumn and winter, this completed prostrate plant will cover the ground and form a dense cover under the harshest of conditions.

Western Australian native plants in Perth

Looking to improve Perth’s suburban streetscapes with lower-maintenance native plant options? For more advice on the wide range of plants available in our native plant nursery for your next roadside project, please get in touch at sales@plantrite.com.au

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