The importance of using Australian native trees in your landscaping project

Native trees are key to urban regeneration. As a society, we have entered an era of trying to restore the balance in our ecosystem. All native trees produced by Plantrite’s native tree nursery are hand-selected to ensure vigor, form and growth across Perth and regional WA.

Plantrite regularly adds new selections of Australian native trees for landscaping projects. In this current market, we are seeing that buyers are still focussed on exotic street tree varieties such as London Planes, as well as east coast native trees like Eucalyptus maculata, while ignoring the incredible biodiversity we have in our own state.

As an industry, we should be reconsidering the definition of what makes for a ‘good’ landscaping tree in Perth. We need to leave behind the obsession with trying to recreate European avenues of trees, embracing Australian natives that define and promote what is uniquely ours.

What makes a ‘good tree’ in a landscaping project?

A common trend we’re seeing are trees that have no character. We are blessed with having an enormous amount of native trees to choose from which are available in various forms, foliage colours and flowering types.

We can all play a part in encouraging the natural order of our environment and preserving our biodiversity. Growing Australian native trees in large landscaping projects also assists in the rehabilitation of our fauna biodiversity.

A classic Australian group of native trees is the multi-mallees (Eucalypt). They have many stems that rise from a large bulbous woody structure called a lignotuber, or mallee root. Most mallees are slow-growing, tough trees which can undertake the pressures of urbanisation. However, recent trends have seen a decline in multi-mallees being utilised for landscaping projects.

Mallees are worthy of consideration for any WA landscape project; they’re highly resistant to the elements, slow-growing, drought-resistant and are known for attracting wildlife such as birds and insects.

Many mallees are small growing which makes them ideal for small residential yards. They display a fantastic array of features such as buds, flowers, fruit and their unique leaves. Mallees are known to thrive throughout droughts and will even flower in these harsh conditions.

Some mallees species are frangible making them ideal for medians and have a low impact risk to vehicle collisions. Beautifully unique and ornamental, planting mallees is a great opportunity to support and promote threatened WA flora.

What are the best Australian native trees for planting in Perth?

– Eucalyptus alatissima

– Eucaltyptus beardiana

– Eucalyptus rhodantha

– Eucalyptus rosacea

– Eucalyptus pimpiniana

– Eucalyptus synandra

– Eucalyptus youngiana

– Eucalyptus kingsmillii

– Eucalyptus macrocarpa subs. elechantha

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