Western Australian native plants for large-scale natural restoration projects.

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Native Seedlings for Reforestation

Access wholesale native plant nursery services for multi-acre reforestation & environmental planting projects using the highest quality seedlings.

Native Plants for Revegetation Solutions

Working exclusively on large-scale contracts, Plantrite has the capacity to accommodate millions of native seedlings for WA’s biggest projects.

About Us
Established in 2007, Plantrite has become one of the leading producers and suppliers of quality native plants for revegetation solutions and reforestation projects in Western Australia. Our speciality in large-scale contract growing has earned us repeat clients including local government, Main Roads contractors, carbon farmers, and the resources sector. Plantrite remains a proudly family-owned and run business. We are accredited under the nursery industry accreditation scheme NIASA, and EcoHort certified.

Together, we can preserve Australia’s unique ecosystems and biodiversity.

By supporting large organisations in their revegetation and reforestation projects, we will build a healthier, happier and more sustainable future for all.

Biodiverse revegetation or reforestation planting creates thriving, beautiful landscapes that survive with long-term sustainable benefits. Native plants are essential to encouraging the return of endangered species and to create safe corridors for birds, reptiles, mammals and pollinators.

Irrigated plants can be established year-round. If dry planting, seedlings should ideally be plantedin from June through to early September to best establish robust root systems. Lead times on native plants can be 6-9 months or longer, so early planning is recommended for reforestation projects and revegetation solutions.

Plantrite forestry tubes are square with root trainers down each side to limit root spiralling. Forestry tubes are 120mm deep to provide extra water holding capacity and ensure a deeper root system.

Plantrite 63-cell tubestock trays are 90mm deep, twice the depth of other common cell trays on the market. This leads to healthier root system establishment for greater project success.

Yes, we sanitise and reuse cell trays as part of our sustainability approach. Forestry tubes and trays can also be recycled. Plantrite is committed to reducing our footprint on the world and helping other businesses go beyond carbon neutral. In 2022 alone, our container sterilisation and recycling process redirected more than 2 million plastic containers away from landfill.

20 acres
15 million
16 years

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