Plantrite is proud to be exclusively growing and supplying the very best WA plant selections from George Lullfitz. As Australian Plant Wholesalers and Lullfitz Nursery wind up, Plantrite will continue to supply the well known plant cultivars such as Olearia 'Little Smokie' PBR, Melaleuca 'Little Penta' PBR, Anigozanthos 'Gold Velvet' PBR and many more to the WA landscape and retail market.

For over 50 years George Lullfitz has had a passion for Western Australian flora. His vast knowledge of native plants and enthusiasm to see WA flora in every garden and landscape has inspired him to develop the best sections of native plants. 'Lullfitz Selections' represent some of the most diverse and reliable flora in the state and are well suited to urban environments.

With the right selection of water wise varieties it is possible to have flowers for all seasons, plants that are easy to grow, well suited to Western Australian conditions, survive our long hot summers, perform in poor soils, and encourage birds and wildlife into the landscape.

'Lullfitz Selections' have a range of cultivars to suit different needs and applications. The full range will continue to be available through Plantrite for all future designs, quotes and projects.

Plantrite is now taking orders for the following Lullfitz varieties.

Acacia spathulifolia Gold Carpet PBR
Adenanthos cuneatus 'Coral Carpet' PBR
Anigozanthos hybrid 'Amber Velvet' PBR
Anigozanthos hybrid 'Gold Velvet' PBR
Billardiera heterophylla Blue Carpet PBR
Callistemon phoeniceus Prostrate Red Embers PBR
Callistemon phoeniceus Scarlet Spires PBR
Calothamnus quadrifidus 'Clean & Green' PBR
Calothamnus quadrifidus 'Little Ripper' PBR
Calothamnus quadrifidus Pencil PBR
Calothamnus quadrifidus prostrate FLAT01 PBRe Emerald Carpet
Eremophila glabra 'Silver Flame' PBR
Grevillea preissii Green Seaspray PBR
Grevillea stenomera Prostrate PBR
Guichenotia macrantha Little PBR
Kennedia coccinea prostrate PBR
Melaleuca pentagona 'Little Penta' PBR
Myoporum insulare 'Coastal Carpet' PBR
Myoporum insulare dwarf PBR Coastal Rambler
Olearia axillaris Little Smokie PBR
Olearia axillaris Mini PBR
Scaevola crassifolia 'Flat Fred' PBR

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